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Eye by RowenHebing Eye :iconrowenhebing:RowenHebing 351 80 Tomb Raider by RowenHebing Tomb Raider :iconrowenhebing:RowenHebing 340 75 Long Gone by SorciereD-Infloresce Long Gone :iconsorciered-infloresce:SorciereD-Infloresce 19 19
Nightmares stopped
When I didn't dream
Because all dreams have died.
:iconinsanelycute:InsanelyCute 4 6
My Beginning
The hardest thing for me
When I was in the middle of my depression
Was that I would lay in bed
Thinking about my life
And how it was going downhill
And how I could I change that
Not in the sense of ending my life
But in the sense of making it better
I was at the point of wanting to live
For I had found my passion
It was poetry
When I first started in middle school
When I learned that poetry is an excellent outlet
For emotions
I just let them control the hand that held the pencil
And wrote
After I presented my work
I was called up by the teacher and asked if I got this from the internet
I did not as the poems were my own
The teacher, the special needs teacher and her aids were flabbergasted
As I was told this was professional grade poetry
At this time I was writing more and more
I was emptying the bottle of emotions
That I was letting ferment in cellar of my heart
Letting them air out so they can become sweet
As soon as I was letting go the emotions
My world opened up
I was feeling bett
:iconnomnom2010:NomNom2010 3 0
i could see the galaxy in her eyes
but she saw only dirt in mine
:iconunparagoned:unparagoned 6 2
With You
I hopped on a boat on a fine winter day.
And sailed away from town.
Because the cars backed up traffic and the tourists start to pay.
Stuck going homeward bound.
On this island of bad luck I will escape.
I'll find a way to you.
On a slow boat to Havana, we’ll have time to waste.
I'll run away with you.
It’s cold in the arms of one pretentious as kind.
It's freeing, we know it’s true.
So we’d better hope our lives are ones so easily combined.
We’ll see just what ensues.
If we get caught up in the squall between the metal rigs.
I'll drift away with you.
When the thunder is muted by the song we’ll sing.
I'll find my way with you.
:icondarthmj94:darthmj94 2 3
i. the first time i cut my hair was when i was seven years old.
my best friend cut her hair to her shoulders, 
and i envied her;
i had always been told my long blonde hair was to be taken care of
and kept long and beautiful.
but i did not feel beautiful.
for the next five days i pestered my mother about a haircut.
you're seven, she told me, you don't know what you're saying.
but i persisted,
and eventually she wore down.
the whole way to the great clips down the street i talked about how pretty my hair would be
and how my best friend and i would look even more like sisters.
they had cut my hair up to the bottom of my neck and it was choppy at the ends.
i beamed when the lady spun me around in my chair
but it had been done wrong.
i looked nothing like my friend and the look on my mother's face
made my heart jump into my throat.
the car ride back home was quiet.
ii. by the time i was eight i'd taken matters into my own hands.
we were doing an activity in class whe
:iconinkystardust:inkystardust 19 32
Crystal Girl
I tasted love on my tongue
And it was lemon tea with a spoon of honey
It was also vinegar under my skin
And salt water running down my cheeks
It was warm and my lovers
They were wild foxes stealing pieces of me in the dark
But I was not innocent either
Most certainly not
And my little crystal girl
You’re a bulb in the ashlands
With wings tied up by smoke
And a pair of shrinking lungs
(But you still shine, and you’ll never stop shining, no, not even in the dark.)
:iconsurrealnacre:SurrealNacre 12 11
Dream Chaser
I confided in a friend
My fear;
Of chasing my dream that wasn't chasing me back.
Now I realize, the dream is still my destiny,
I just have to chase myself first.
I have to see myself as whole,
I have to heal the wounds that hold me back,
I have see myself as full and not look at my lack.
I have to open,
Open wide and wider still,
Until there is only allowing and acceptance
And then...will my heart begin to fill,
To fill with love
and joy and peace,
And all the things that are presently eluding me.
I must let go and light up,
Be set free and believe in thee,
Take hold and take charge,
And then my dream will chase me,
Like I have chased it,
For the underlying theme is to be at peace,
I want peace for others,
And I want it for myself,
But for the dream to be totally in my grasp and in my life
I must walk my journey until I am full.
:iconlivsya:Livsya 3 3
I Want You
I want to stand in the pouring rain
I want to let it wash away all this aching pain
I want tomorrow to change the past of yesterday
I want to forget all the words I didn't say
I want these memories to be the only thing I feel
I want your love to remind me what is real
I want you to forever be one heart here with me
I want you to forever be the only one I see
I want you to know, it's you I'm waiting for
I want you to know that with you, I'm so much more
:iconoreoapocalypse:OreoApocalypse 24 17
Rovina Beach by iLonewolf Rovina Beach :iconilonewolf:iLonewolf 1 18 The silent empress by AlexAzuOtaku The silent empress :iconalexazuotaku:AlexAzuOtaku 23 19
Mature content
Signature :iconmaggotsx:MaggotsX 5 7
Pompey's Garden
Walk amidst the sunburnt trees
And look upon the faded leaves
Stay and while away your time
In Pompey's Garden
Sirens line the walkways there
Ochre-dark and lily fair
They offer bodies to be thine
In Pompey's Garden
Foreign merchants chant their lies
And hedons with dark-delta'd eyes
Scurry back and forth in grime
Stained Pompey's Garden.
The rich among the ghillies green
Go there to see and to be seen
Among the degraded and sublime
In Pompey's Garden.
:iconthelasticonoclast:TheLastIconoclast 6 3
I’m thinking about you again today
And oh how it kills my heart
I’m going over and over of what I would say
But I don’t know where to start.
We were so close, we had it all
Friendship and love and joy.
But you threw me away and ruined it all
Like I was an old, broken toy.
You said I meant something,
That I really mattered.
But when the ship started sinking
My heart, you just shattered.
I play it over again in my mind
And wonder what I did wrong
But it was you who I think was blind
The trouble was you all along.
You had this ideal of how it should be
Ignoring what you already had.
Blind to your actions you tried to reshape me
Making me feel so, so bad.
Maybe, after all, you meant only well
Perhaps you wanted me to be my best
But I don’t understand, when it went to hell
Why you ran and ignored the rest?
I guess in a way, I know you were scared too
Maybe that’s why you ran
You didn’t know how to follow us throug
:iconsongsonthewind:SongsOntheWind 6 9

Newest Deviations

Fragments in Retrospect
As my thoughts linger
My fingers crawling, eager.
To whom all is familiar
We dance like we fought.
My melody of two
One hummed, one sung.
We ... the words versus the melody
Black opposed from White
You where as I wish to be, in hindsight.
:iconitsjustwordsreally:Itsjustwordsreally 6 0
Mature content
How about that coffee :iconitsjustwordsreally:Itsjustwordsreally 1 0
As I count the days to your arrival
I realised you never left
Sheltered inside me
Caged between my ribs
Set by the fire of my heart
I just wish I gave you one more hug
No words, no lips, no superlunary
Just my arms grasping you so tight
That for a second we are merged
We are one
Set up against distance
God, I miss you
:iconitsjustwordsreally:Itsjustwordsreally 1 0
The wolds as my canvas,
You are my compass,
My input, my excess,
Of love I suppress.
    My rhymes imperfect,
    The lies all worth it,
    In the eyes that reflect,
    Lays the answer we get.
To the question unasked.
:iconitsjustwordsreally:Itsjustwordsreally 5 0
Nothing, the absence of
Sometimes you wait for the dust to settle,
Pacing circles incapable to comprehend.
That your movement prolongs the battle,
That it might just be me who needs to understand.
To stand still, think, overthink, and then: void,
You leave the room, in knowledge, never to forget.
Just to tone it down as if the room were celluloid.
Finally to understand nothing depicts the sincerest regret.
:iconitsjustwordsreally:Itsjustwordsreally 4 5
She walks and sways
With words she plays
Holds her breath and sets the pace
She is lovely and fun
Bright like the sun
And for me, she is the only one
She lifts me up high
Sees beyond the shy
She is a treat to the mindful eye
The eye of the beholder, If only I had told her
Had told her before we said our goodbyes
We held or tongues, bit them, and averted eyes
She boarded the plane, as my thoughts sustain
Ten weeks will be too long for us to be apart
I am a vessel, I am yearning, to resist the urges of my heart.
:iconitsjustwordsreally:Itsjustwordsreally 2 0
Like a Lyrical Crescendo
Like a lyrical crescendo your voice changed
From warm and embracive now estranged
But I, after all, arranged to finish this song
With you on my mind and the words all wrong
With a lump in my throat and an electric smile
Because be it happy or sad, I cherish our little while
I hold dear, waking up to your shower serenades
Or the how you indulged all my crazy traits
Like the way I could jump out of bed with a song
I'd go and write it out and you'd hum along
My guitar, our voices and so much coffee
Shaking hands and stealing kisses to surprise
Who knew not to dream could be so nice
Who knew I would have to go on without you
:iconitsjustwordsreally:Itsjustwordsreally 4 0
Are we even speaking the same language?
The words fell from her lips and struck the ground with a thunderous boom.
She needed answers and all I could think of was how to leave the room.
Tears tracing two warm streams that would soon turn cold and be whipped away.
On foot in front of the other making sure I wouldn't overdue my stay.
Actions speaking louder than words, but this seemed like an empty whispering.
With one foot out the door I heard her scream.
Are you even listening?
:iconitsjustwordsreally:Itsjustwordsreally 7 2
In The Air
I watched you sneeze,
   spreading dandelion seeds across the sky.
Picked up by the (summer) breeze,
   like reversed snowflakes climbing high.
And I made you laugh,
   with words and lack there of.
And almost out of breath
   you asked me: "Is this love?"
:iconitsjustwordsreally:Itsjustwordsreally 9 4
I seem to have ran out of the ability to make things sound better than they are.
To wrap them up with words so vague that simplicity loses voice in this war.
A cacophony of words, some emptier than others, to sabotage what is righteous.
For each lying tongue I spoke, the truth I choke or suppress like the diabolical beating invested in my chest.
:iconitsjustwordsreally:Itsjustwordsreally 4 0
Heading of to a Disney themed party, who says growing up makes sense.
It's just words
:iconitsjustwordsreally:Itsjustwordsreally 2 0
She is Fiction
She, who is beautiful when she is angry.
Angry; with the world, but in love with me.
I don't think She sees what I see, everyday.
She, who turned 'would you have me,' in 'please stay.'
She is fiction for now
She is every girl I ever met
She is the loss that I treasure
And the ones I regret.
She, is the one I learned to love
Yet lost the day before
She is a fixer-upper, She is my heart
She is so much more
but She is fiction
:iconitsjustwordsreally:Itsjustwordsreally 7 2
Somethings are easier than we think
Like a little sister
       like what I never had
You called me mister
       the first time we met
You acting all mature
       and I like being a child
What we are; obscure
So, you just stay reckless and I will stay wild.
:iconitsjustwordsreally:Itsjustwordsreally 3 12
Are Becomes Were
Why is it that every time you say you're okay, I start to worry?
That every word you say voices only half of your thoughts?
I can listen to you talk for hours, or could, actually.
Because, these days we only seem to hunt each other through the past.
:iconitsjustwordsreally:Itsjustwordsreally 4 12
Mature content
Things I often think, but rarely say :iconitsjustwordsreally:Itsjustwordsreally 1 7
He was a photographer, pt
"With every job I would get dispatched deeper into the war zones, right up until the point where I was given the choice between a blue-vest that read 'press' or a bulletproof one and the gun that came with it. I did it for her, I knew she needed me to come back home, back to her. I picked the gun, and with that, I went from someone who shot pictures to someone who shot bullets, at human beings."
:iconitsjustwordsreally:Itsjustwordsreally 1 2




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